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    There's no depth to my shallowness, and as such, I need to make pretty things. Let's make your website pretty.

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    Develop your brand with me. It's easy cause you're awesome and so am I.

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    It's pretty easy. We sit down, we brain storm and then the magic happens.


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Hi, I do Stuff

My name is Jay, I am an excellent person, perfect in every single way possible. When I'm not rescuing puppies and kittens or handing out hot meals to the homeless, you can find me providing entertainment for the elderly, assisting crippled orphans, or designing awesome UI's and brands.

But this isn't about me, it's about you.

Because you are beautiful. . .

I do web design. I create awesome identities and brands for your company or project. Somethings I design:

  • Website layouts
  • Twitter pages
  • Logos and Full Brands
  • Facebook Fan pages
  • Facebook UI Application Designs
  • I also code web applications if you're into that kinda thing ya know.

  • PHP
  • Fully Validated HTML/XHTML
  • CSS + CSS3
  • Jquery
  • Sexy Ajax (Sexy cause I use it for UI stuff)
  • Oh Yeah, I totally do Wordpess development too!

  • Plugin Development
  • Layout Integration
  • Server Optimization
  • If you're considering creating an online web presence, let's brainstorm! How does a free mock up of your idea sound?. Click the contact button and say hello!

    I Also Say Stuff

    Latest Magic

    • Mp3 Player App UI 2
    • Mp3 Player App UI
    • App
    • MVP's Sportsbar and Club
    • Wired2 Brand
    • Wired2 Layout
    • EF5 Media  Brand
    • Little Birdie Media
    • Zeckendorf Towers Concept 2
    • Zeckendorf Towers Concept 1
    • One Irving Brand Concept
    • DS Freestyle Series Poster
    • Hella Videos Brand
    • Vitamin Water Campaign Mock
    • Til The Casket Drop Flyer
    • Digital Glam Squad Brand
    • Secret Flyer
    • Str8nyc Typography
    • Digital Glam Squad Brand
    • Diamond Music Group
    • The University Network Logo
    • Submedia Brand Redesign
    • Ned Stevens Redesign
    • VRB Media Brand
    • Merchant Perfect Brand+ Website
    • Biggies Block Movie Promo Social Network 2
    • Biggies Block Movie Promo Social Network
    • Skinnys Products Mock Up
    • Award It Facebook App Design and code
    • Defsounds Radio Vector Promo
    • V2
    • SHI Restaurant
    • Plum Restaurant Site
    • Plum Product Mockup
    • Plum Logo
    • Little Birdie Media
    • Art By Liz
    • Get Wired


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      Design Hack: Facebook Like Button_count 0 Count

      This is just a quick write up, not really development–more like a design hack. Wether you’re a developer, designer, or just someone trying to put a site/page together for their business, odds are you’ve come across the facebook like button in all it’s horrendous glory. Why is it horrendous? Well, the actual function of it [...]

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      WordPress Permalinks With IIS 7 and Web.Config, Removing index.php

      From reading previous posts, it may seem like alot of my work has to do with pretty URLS. What can I say,  I like pretty things. This time around I came around having to set up permalinks on an IIS Windows server. Prior to this little journey of frustration–I had never dealt with a web.config [...]

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    • Animate One Marker At A Time In Google Maps Api 3

      Animate One Marker At A Time In Google Maps Api 3

      I’ve been working on a mashup app using Google Maps API 3 lately and without barely any knowledge of Jquery/JS, it hasn’t been the easiest thing. Believe it or not, one of the biggest challenges was trying to only animate on marker at a time. So the desired effect would be–when a user clicks one marker, [...]

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      Full Gallery In WordPress Attachment Page

      The simplest answers are often the hardest to find. This couldn’t be truer (is that actually a word?..truer?..because if it is, wronger should be one too and so should be truiest and wrongiest)..anyways–A client needed a standard gallery–nothing fancy. Just a big image and a bunch of little images from that same gallery. Instead of [...]

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